Good engineering practice of updating standards

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Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive into UK law. The aim of the regulations is to ensure that electromagnetic disturbance generated by electrical or electronic equipment doesn’t reach levels which would prevent radio, telecommunications and other equipment from working properly.They also exist to ensure that such equipment itself has adequate immunity from electromagnetic disturbance. This guide is aimed at manufacturers and suppliers of electronic and electrical equipment, as well as those responsible for fixed installations.

For this reason it is desired that it be shortened in order to achieve comparability with the other supplementary guidelines.

For example, it might be electromagnetic noise or an unwanted signal affecting a mobile phone.

The aim of the regulations is to ensure electromagnetic equipment is manufactured to be ‘compatible’ - ie won’t cause disturbance to other equipment.

In response to EPA's RFI for RMP, in addition to PSM program related enhancements mentioned above, the CSB recommended that EPA: For more information, read the full CSB response to EPA's Request for Information on revisions to the RMP Regulation.

In the Spring 2015 regulatory agenda released in May 2015, EPA projected that a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) for revisions to RMP would be published in September 2015, however, EPA has yet to publish a Proposed Rule, though it has initiated a Small Business Advocacy Review (SBAR).

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(For Python developers, PEP 8 should be your first stop for programming style and guidelines.) In general, we programmers are an opinionated lot, and strong opinions are often a sign of great passion. Don't write code that you think you might need in future, but don't need yet.

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