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The ten biggest oil disasters in the oil and gas industry and gas industry in this list amount to a cumulative hydrocarbons loss of 40.8 million barrels and cost 53 lives: When: September 8th, 1994Where: Usinsk, Komi Republic, Russian Federation Casualties: n/a Amount spilled: 2 million barrels (84 million gallons) A badly corroded pipeline around the northern Russian town of Usinsk had been leaking for eight months, contained by a dike erected around the leak site.

The name of the person where the money is sent is the key issue in a Russian scam, and the same Russian scammer may use different photos.

Only authorized law enforcement agencies can prosecute your offenders.

To have them prosecuted, you will need to make an official statement to police and lay charges.

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All old stories (more than a few months old) are compiled together as alphabetical archive, and now include photos of women-scammers and links to related articles.

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The city is located near to the point where the Sysola joins the larger Vychegda River, which is itself a branch of the Northern Dvina.

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