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Linden Lab, the company behind Second Life, was to announce the changes Wednesday as part of a broader move to let users customize the site's content. "The way people use Second Life has become incredibly diverse," said Chief Executive Mark Kingdon.Second Life's users, who must already be 18 or over, will be able to block adult content in their searches, similar to the way Google allows "Safe Search" filtering for images or text by blocking Web pages with explicit sexual content.All United States orders ship via either first class or priority mail, depending on weight.INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Please note that first class international mail can take anywhere from 2-5 weeks to be delivered and that customs in the receiving country can also significantly hold up delivery.Kingdon said the company didn't have statistics on how many of people use the site for adult activities, but added that it's in the minority.

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Unlike Google, though, Second Life will let people specifically search for adult-only items, excluding everything else.

Property owners — the people who operate the virtual spaces within Second Life — will be responsible for properly tagging adult content.

Second Life is getting a little less steamy for people who want to use the virtual world for a myriad of PG-rated experiences, such as taking classes, prototyping buildings or designing virtual goods.

For those who don't, Second Life is moving adult-oriented content to a new, X-rated "continent" so they can continue to frolic as their heart desires.


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